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Welcome to EOH Workplace Health Solutions

EOH Workplace Health and Wellness (WH&W) provides professional medical, wellness and health information systems solutions in the fields of Organisational Health and Wellness, including Occupational Health.

Occupational Health and Safety

Achieve the highest possible degree of employee productivity with a workforce fit for requirements and a workplace enabling maximum output.

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Absenteeism, Incapacity & Disability Management

Bespoke incapacity and disability initiatives to empower your entire workforce.

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Employee Wellness Programmes

An engaged workforce yields higher productivity. Empower your workforce to successfully navigate daily challenges.

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Primary Health Care

EOH provides primary healthcare services according to standards of best practice. We render this service via a team of primary care nurses working under the supervision of general practitioners.

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Executive Wellness

Ensure the well-being of your important decision makers with personalised health risk management programmes aimed at lifestyle modification.

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Consulting and Training

Optimise your company's cost benefits with guidance, support and training from leading experts.

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Mobile Services

Clients of EOH benefit from our customised enterprise-level occupational health and employee wellness programmes through the ensured legislative and regulatory compliance they provide, as well as all of the increased productivity and stronger teamwork that springs from a fit-for-work workforce.

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Corporate Gyms

Our main aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of corporate South Africa with a commitment to deliver excellent service to our clients.

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Organizational Resilience

Our resilience programmes are designed to help individuals and organisations perform in this challenging environment and to ensure the holistic wellbeing of staff.

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