Organisations are tasked with looking after the wellness of employees as an increase in non-communicable diseases affects workplace productivity and company earnings.

For this reason, EOH offers a range of services that help companies to minimise, control and maintain these diseases and enable employees to perform at their best.

Why is this important?

Our on-site HCT and wellness promotes risk assessments and risk reduction for employees by encouraging behavioural change.

The service further enables the early detection of HIV infection, which enables the monitoring and treatment of infected individuals and reduces the incidence of mortality due to non-communicable diseases.

It builds awareness of the importance of healthy living and the need for employees to perform regular check-ups, and ensures that those who do suffer from lifestyle diseases and HIV are assisted to maintain a healthy and productive life.

The employer will gain a good idea of the wellness of the organisation as reports are provided after the completion of screenings.

What our solution helps you achieve

Our aim is to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to foster healthy behaviours to keep employees healthy and productive.

Our solution entails
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