The main aim driving EOH Workplace Health & Wellness (WH&W) is to improve the health and wellbeing of corporate South Africa with a commitment to delivering excellent service to our clients. Fundamentally important to the healthy lifestyle that everyone aspires to is a certain level of physical fitness. To ensure that our clients are able to break through the barriers to improved physical fitness, EOH WH&W partnered with One-on-One, a contemporary, dynamic health and fitness management company, founded in 2005.

The key to productivity, longevity, and all-round wellbeing
As a wellness company, One-on-One is passionate about giving clients’ employees a happier and healthier corporate experience. The quality of the services proudly delivered to clients is predicated on the belief that a healthy lifestyle is the key to productivity, longevity, and all-round wellbeing. With such an important message to impart to the people we serve, it becomes a special privilege for One-on-One to offer tailor-made fitness management solutions promoting a holistic and healthy lifestyle to clients.
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