EOH Health has invested in a core range of consulting and service delivery expertise. This is further complemented by the services offered by EOH Health's collaboration relationships. All of this combined, creates a comprehensive suite of Health and Wellness consulting expertise and services.

Our keys to success are:

  • Bespoke and innovative solutions that are developed to synchronise with each employer’s unique business strategy
  • Our Right First Time approach and methodology
  • A visible, hands-on approach is implemented
  • Involvement and participation of all stakeholders

The EOH Health strategic consulting model is an excellent tool to assist the Wellness Manager/ HR Manager/SHEQ Manager in fast tracking the organisation to leading good practice in health and wellness management and supporting its goals and objectives.

Health and wellness strategies outline the future direction and development of the organisation aligned with the business strategy for short, medium and long term objectives and targets. They must be integrated and synchronised for maximum value to the organisation, its people and the communities within which it operates. In-depth knowledge of international trends and profiles, including global standards and legislation, are essential to ensure sufficient forward thinking strategic development. The health and wellness strategy should not only consider the potential hazards of health and wellness potential impact on employees, but also that of communities, markets and the public at large.

To ensure co-ordinated management of all the facets of health and wellness, a broader ‘organisational health’ approach may be considered. This approach recognises and accommodates all the different issues impact on the health and wellness of individuals and optimise the cost benefit to the company.

An ‘Organisational Health’ approach is necessary to meet the challenge of a holistic approach to health and wellness as the scope of managing the health and wellness risk within a company and especially in a diverse group of companies, has become a lot broader and more complex. All the issues need to come together in a single picture. If we are managing the health of the workforce holistically and if we recognise that health management is made up of one set of diverse but interdependent issues, then it makes sense to adopt a single integrated approach that encompasses all the issues, optimises their interdependence and manages, monitors and deals with them coherently.